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Pug Care - Stenotic Nares

What is stenotic nares?

Stenotic nares is a birth defect found in brachycephalic breeds or short nosed dogs, this includes our little puggy friends! This means that the nostrils are pinched are pinched or narrow, leading to the nasal tissue being overly soft.

When the pug breathes their nostrils collapse meaning they have to breathe through their mouths to get the necessary air and oxygen. A dog with this condition may have a foamy discharge when they breathe or may breathe an excessive amount through their mouths when they are excited. Pugs will often snort or snore a lot as a result of this. On the more extreme end the larynx (the dogs ‘voice box’) could eventually collapse which makes breathing nearly impossible, in some cases this can even lead to death.

As a genetic condition, stenotic nares cannot be prevented but owners can take steps to make their pugs life easier.

Can I treat stenotic nares?

Mild cases of stenotic nares can be handled by the owner but more serve cases may need surgical correction. If your pug is only mildly affected, you can take a range of measures to make them more comfortable.

  • Keeping puggy at a healthy weight!
  • Use a harness instead of a neck collar when walking your pug
  • Try to limit any stressful situations and avoid exercise in overly hot weather

More extreme cases can be corrected through surgery. Surgery involves removing pieces of the nostril wall and widening the nostrils. The enlarged nasal passage makes it easier for the pug to breathe.


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