Pug Care-Pyoderma

What is Pyoderma?

Pyoderma is the medical term for a bacterial skin infection and it is one of the most common skin issues you may encounter with your pug. The infection allows common skin bacteria to multiply and break down the skins defences, this can lead to discomfort for your pug but luckily can be easily spotted and treated.

Signs your pug may have Pyoderma

  • Itchiness
  • Hair loss
  • Crusty skin
  • Pustules
  • Rash or redness on skin


Pyoderma can be treated with oral antibiotics or shampoos. Keep affected areas clean and dry, monitor for any signs of resurgence. You should take steps to address any underlying causes or diseases the pug may have, take simple steps by keeping your pug healthy and clean. If the pyoderma has taken root and appears deeply wound into the pugs skin seek help from a veterinary professional.  Often an antibiotic treatment regimen is prescribed over the course of a month or more to ensure that the entire infection is eliminated from the pugs system.


For more pug news visit our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is not a replacement for proper veterinary care, if you are concerned about your pugs welfare please see a professional.

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