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How to bathe a Pug: A beginners guide to pug grooming

Being a energetic bundle of joy it’s inevitable that your puggy friend will get muddy whilst walking out and about. Here we have compiled a quickfire guide for new pug owners on how to properly bathe your pug.


What you will need 👍


  • A dog brush
  • Dog shampoo
  • Bath towel




  • Wash more than once every two weeks
  • Touch your pugs face or ears during bath time

 DO ✔️


  • Groom them to remove dead hair beforehand
  • Keep them stress free
  • Use warm water
  • Start from the back and work your way up the pugs coat


It’s essential you make your pug feel comfortable during this process, especially if they are not yet used to being bathed. Keeping contact with them throughout and some positive encouragement can go a long way in keeping your little furball stress-free! Before the bath it is advised that you use a doggy brush and groom your pug in order to help remove any dead hairs.

Firstly put your pug into the bath/sink and make sure the water is warm, you want your pug to warm up and dry off quickly after the bath. Cold water is a big no-no, you don’t want them getting sick! Give a quick rinse starting from the pugs tail and moving slowly up their coat. Get the dog shampoo and lather up! Make sure to keep away from the pugs eyes and ears, pugs are overly sensitive in these area so take precautions when showering. Once rinsed it’s time to wrap your puggy potato in a towel, you are almost done! Play with your pug to help keep them calm, use another towel or hairdryer to assist in drying your pugs coat. Congratulations you have now survived your first pug bath!

Check out this video from youtuber A Man & a Pug for a handy tutorial!

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